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The Platform’s edge

The Platform's edge by Andrew Wragg
The Platform’s edge, a photo by Andrew Wragg on Flickr.

Bronze Lion

Bronze Lion by Andrew Wragg
Bronze Lion, a photo by Andrew Wragg on Flickr.

Bronze Lion’s head mooring ring on Victoria Embankment, London

The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India by Andrew Wragg
The Gateway of India, a photo by Andrew Wragg on Flickr.

The Gateway of India in Mumbai swarms with tourists, but from a distance it is possible to get a calm and peaceful view of it.

Day 31 of 365 – Burgers and Gas

This photo is all about shapes and typography. The two signs complement each other well, and the similarity between the man’s legs and the sign on the street completes it for me.

Day 30 of 365 – GO!

Day 30 of 365 - GO! by Andrew Wragg
Day 30 of 365 – GO!, a photo by Andrew Wragg on Flickr.

Industrial lollypop lady

Day 29 of 365 – Laying the foundation

Construction site near Goodge Street station

Day 28 of 365 – Empty Escalators

London Bridge tube station, nearly deserted late on a Monday night.

Day 27 of 365 – Brixton busker

A busking drummer outside Brixton station drawing a pretty big crowd.

Day 26 of 365 – Bovril and bench

The old Bovril sign above Brixton’s Windrush Square.

Day 25 of 365 – Holy Sculpture

This bronze sculpture sits in Fitzroy Square Gardens, London. It was created by Naomi Blake to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. I don’t know what it’s meant to be, or if there’s any meaning behind it at all, but I like it anyway :)

Day 24 of 365 – Five Russian Ladies

This was a 15 second exposure in which I used a single LED torch to cast 2 different angles of shadow and lit the dolls faces a little as well.

Day 22 of 365 – Euston Tower

Euston Tower isn’t exactly the most inspiring skyscraper in London, but lit up at night I still think it looks pretty impressive.

Day 21 of 365 – Brockwell Park

I loved the way this barren tree reached out over snowy Brockwell Park.

Day 20 of 365 – The Snowman Cometh

It was a beautiful snowy day in Brixton, and Brockwell Park was full of people building snowmen and sledging. I managed to capture this guy in an empty field with a church spire nicely positioned in the background.

Day 19 of 365 – The camera’s eye

I love my old Sankyo Super8 cine camera, so I used it to create my own homage to Japanese cinema. I set a screen up in front of the lens and captured the reflection of a few famous Japanese movie eyes, Godzilla and the freaky crawling-out-of-the-tv girl from The Ring. Hope you like it :)

Day 18 of 365 – Wine & Snow

We had a pretty good dusting of snow in London today. It was almost too cold to be drinking outside, but it’s Friday so what the hell.

Day 17 of 365 – Forbidding towers

The UCL Cruciform building is an awesome piece of redbrick gothic architechture designed by Alfred Waterhouse. It looks particularly impressive when lit from below at night.

Day 16 of 365 – Desolate

This is an unused patch of wasteland near the end of Tottenham Court Road, I walk past it every day and always wonder why nobody builds on it. I’m guessing it’s because it’s a cursed Indian burial ground.

Day 15 of 365 – Brixton at night

Tonight I experimented with long exposure shots of running water in the sink, unfortunately the pictures turned out duller than a sack of wet mice. So at the last minute I took some long exposure shots of Brixton out of my bedroom window. Blenheim Gardens Estate is in the foreground, with Brixton community church on the right and Canary Wharf shining in the distance.

Day 14 of 365 – First snow of 2013

A snowy morning in Brixton, it’s not exactly the arctic tundra but I still got a bit excited… SNOW!